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If the answer is yes, … YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

l have gone through the whole gamat of these thoughts and questions so I know exactly what all of this feels like. What I have discovered on my art journey is that these thoughts, beliefs and ideas are taxing, toxic and hold us back. They actually occupy way too much of our creative mind space. And they don't have to.

I don't think or feel this way anymore and you don't have to either.

In response to the many people who ask me if I offer a course,… my answer is…. Yes! I offer a course that is created specifically for each of my clients, aimed directly at what each artist wants and needs to work on.

Let me explain about Art Nutrition a bit.…

Having been in my fair share of groups, workshops, and classes, I realize that I don't really fluorish in that type of atmosphere and I have found many artists and students in general feel the same way. While they enjoy the social aspects of workshops or pre-organized courses, the one-size-fits-all format often doesn't work for their optimal learning.

Everyone is different, but what works best for me is individual attention to what my questions, concerns and needs are. I get more bang for my buck and I don't have to cherry pick what I need. With the various one-on-one coaching, counselling and mentoring I have had, I've experienced the most direct personal, professional, emotional, creative and spritual growth that I have ever had in my life.

I do appreciate the value of the groups I belong to, but I also realize I do better with specific attention. It seems to be a more fertile and fruitful ground for my learning. This is what I am offering to you, specific assistance to address your specific needs and goals.

You can choose from Art Nutrition Coaching and

coming soon, Art Nutrition Boost Art Courses.

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Art Nutrition Coaching

Art Nutrition Boost Art Courses - coming soon

The course we each take on our art journey is so unique…

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Do you ever find that you're saying or asking yourself these questions?

Why does this feel so difficult?  How can I get better at this?  Why am I so afraid to get started with my art?  Am I good enough?  I wish I did artwork like them.  Would anyone even want my art?  Why don't I start something?  Finish anything?  I feel like a fake.   Why do I even bother?


Tailored to you

Art Nutrition