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You Pick! Coming soon - Choose what art module you need to enhance your art practice.

Coming up soon, Boost Art Modules - manageable size courses that will be available for you to select from, addressing: inspiration, clarifying style, strengthening design & composition, getting hold of colour, value, materials, texture,… more to come.

You are invited to Join my Wait List by clicking the button on the right and feel free to add what topic you'd like covered! To be inspired by others is one of life's gifts. It would be so fantastic to tailor a Boost Course or create a video just for you to help you on your art journey!

In alignment with The Art Nutrition Art Course where I work with artists to co-navigate their course in their art journey, you will soon be able to choose specific art course modules that will directly address whatever you are wanting to focus on or get more clarity for your art.

With the Boost Art Modules, you will be able to select each module individually rather than buy into an entire course. This makes perfect sense for artists who are great in one area or aspect of their art practice but are bumping up against another. The modules will be listed in a heirarchal order so you can see how things build upon each other and what's on the menu. Then you can choose what you would like to hone in on. You pick what's best for you!

I am offering this as a means to provide an access point for artists who might prefer to work on their own or are a little shy about working with a coach. You can also work the course into your own schedule rather than try to keep up. Win/Win. You will be able to get what you need for your art practice because you get to choose from the offerings. If I've not covered something, I welcome your suggestions so I can help get the assistance you desire and be well on your way to enjoying your art practice and expressing yourself through your art.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please click here to let me know and I will put you on the Wait List to be the first to know about the Art Nutrition Boost Art Modules launch. And again, don't be shy about including what you'd like covered.

Here's the Boost Art Module Menu to date - these may change a little as I receive feedback from clients & artists so please stay tuned:

• Inspiration & Inner Wisdom

• Style & Voice

• Design, Value & Composition…

• Value & Colour…

• Mixed Media Materials & Texture…

• Digging Deep Into Process

• more to come

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