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Drawings & Sketches

As a visual language Abstract Art has the power to convey a vast array of intangible concepts. For owner and artist, it has the potential, through visual language, to express in a way that only a creative art piece could accomplish.

Acrylic & mixed media paintings on stretched canvas, cradled wood, unstretched canvas, and heavy water colour paper. Mixed media materials may consist of: acrylic paints, inks, charcoal, pastel, oil & chalk, ink bar, water colour crayone, modeling paste, pumice grit, glass bead, and anything else I find to experiment with.

Creating a recognizable picture can be so satisfying and grounding at times. To put ones own spin on things expressively using colour, shape, texture to convey a personal interpretation of a place or being is most liberating.

Acrylic paintings of various subjects - Pulse & Place - on stretched & unstretched canvas, cradled wood or heavy water colour paper.

Drawing is one of those bare bones skills that goes back centuries that manages to touch an innate sense of truth. It's so primal. Charcoal, a favoured media also stretches back time offering diverse mark making effects.

Chunk charcoal, charcoal bar, charcoal dust, willow stick, pastel bars, pastel pencil, charcoal pencil & conté.  Drawings and explorations on various substrates and quality drawing papers.

Having an artist's mind brings a creativity that expands across multiple disciplines. Believing I can do whatever I set my mind to has led me to take on several projects with no training or previous experience for these subjects - some completely self taught and accomplished through in-situ learning & the creative process. A few are included from my years attending art school and some more recent just "giving it a try" to see what happens!

Unique Projects

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