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Choosing To Buy Original Artwork

We buy art for many reasons. For some it's to express or align with one's own personal style, for others, it may be a reminder of who we are deep within, and yet for others still, it will be something in between.

Whatever the reason you are purchasing a painting, it's your experience of the artwork that matters. You've selected this creative piece and when you purchase it, it is yours to keep -  a life investment,… an original piece of artwork that no one else will have, but soley you.

Prices are listed in size ranges.

Prices are also listed on each painting. Just click the image & wait a moment for the image to load.

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6"x 6" to 16" x 16" -> $100 - $350

16"x 16" to 24" x 24" -> $350 - $770

24"x 24" - 24" x 36" ->  from $770 - $1100

Original Art

When buying one of Pauline's paintings you are purchasing a one of a kind piece of original artwork. It is not mass produced and there are no duplicates to be found anywhere. It is created by the artist through her own unique process and creative journey,… resulting in a work that is a culmination of distinctive experimentation, experience and expression.

Packaging and shipping are not included in prices.                  Inquire:

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Spring 2018






2013 - 2015


Summer 2018

Abstracts 2019

More coming…

24"x 36" - 30" x 40" ->  from $1100 - $1500

30"x 40" - 36" x 48" ->  from $1500 - $1875

36"x 48" - 40" x 60" ->  from $1875 - $2500