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Choosing To Buy Original Artwork

We buy art for many reasons. For some it's to express or align with one's own personal style, for others, it may be a reminder of who we are deep within, and yet for others still, it can be something in between. A gift, an investment, perhaps something in that painting resonated with us.

Whatever the reason you are purchasing a painting, it's your experience of the artwork that matters.

You've selected this unique creative piece because it resonates with you. When you purchase it, it is yours to keep -  a life investment,… original artwork that no one else will have. Just you.

If you've seen a painting you wish to own or have any questions about, please feel free to email Pauline:

Original Art

When buying Pauline's paintings you are purchasing one-of-a-kind original artwork. There are no duplicates to be found anywhere. Each peice is created by the artist through her unique process and creative journey,… resulting in a work that results in a culmination of distinctive experimentation, experience and expression. A piece of Pauline's artistic experience.

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