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On my recent trip to New York City, my husband & I had the pleasure & honor of visiting with New York artist Rob Szot. We had a lovely chat covering all sorts of topics. He kindly allowed me to voice record our conversation. Listen in to some of our chat where Rob shares some nuggets with me. It was a hot NYC September day so you'll need to listen over the massive fans cooling his studio. This was an amazing opportunity visiting with an artist further along the art journey than me. I've snipped up the recording - audio collage bits if you will - and have posted a few below. I'll post more gems of our convo in the future and let you know thru social media when they're up. Enjoy!

My Interview/Visit with New York Artisit Rob Szot

UK Artist Louise Fletcher reached out to me after meeting on an Online Group we both belong to. She asked if I would like to be her first interviewed for her new interview video series "How to be an Artist." Louise is fascinated with the journey of being an artist and has designed a new website to host this new venture she's embarked on to interview artists around the world to find out what makes them tick!

Click on the video below to watch a snippet of the interview.

You can see the whole interview here:

and here:

My Interview with UK artist Louise Fletcher

Living & Painting in New York City

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What's the biggest challenge being an artist?

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