I met me.

Feb 21, 2020

Investing in your life is your personal job.

A Path… the creative visionary path - appropriately named.

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure, been so excited to get started and found yourself knee deep in confusion or frustration because you couldn’t find your way?

I’ve done this!  Going on a hike in the Cheviots in the UK Oct 2019, where the path I thought I was on kept changing, it even disappeared at times. The map I had was outdated. Going to New York City in 2018 and finding that New York was way bigger than I remembered and far more spread out than my last visit in 1997. I didn’t buy a phone plan to access info quickly so finding the places I wanted to go, restaurants and galleries was ridiculously tedious.

This stuff happens because I’m excited, I love adventure, I’m spontaneous and sometimes I’m not informed. 

Ever since I discovered and hitched my wagon to Nick Wilton’s Art2Life Creative Visionary Path teachings, my journey in art has become so much more fun and clear. It started before CVP with hopping in on the free workshops but things really got tidied up in my mind once I took CVP.

What I love about the program is that Nick has a way of stitching all this amazing and helpful information together in a way that makes total sense. It’s clear, creative and concise. And furthermore, the “me” element that is difficult to describe but is essential to each and every artist is embedded throughout the whole program. Be me. Be you. Just Be.

The 12 wk program is very well paced but for me seemed to go in a snap. What can I say? It was a fantastic experience. Chockablock full of nuggets, plenty of demos, coaching calls and support, and the part I appreciated the most,… the space to paint the way “I” want to paint. Don’t paint like him, or the coaches, paint like you! The penny is still dropping 9 months later. And I love that. I love how what I learned in CVP has been feeding me and filtering through my mind ever since day one of the course and each time I work in my studio more pieces to the puzzle fall into place. 

Doing CVP filled in so many gaps for me. Nick often says, that art school doesn't teach you what he teaches. And it’s true. It is so, so true. I have tools now that I go to when I get stuck. I have notes and guides that I refer to when I find myself painted into a corner. I’ve also seen how my decision making is more confident and I take bigger risks. All of this is just me being me more clearly. More fully. I’m very grateful that I took CVP and even more grateful that it actually exists. What a mess I’d still be in, trying to find my way around a canvas, though I’d kill myself trying. That’s what I do. I love a challenge. Now though, I really enjoy myself. Always. Even when things go sideways. Because I know how to get myself out of a painting pickle now.

So if you’re wondering if you should or you could or you would. The answer is yes. There is no downside to investing in yourself, in your art practice, in your life. 

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