Aug 16, 2019

Finishing Art “Work"

It’s been precisely one week since I completed the Creative Visionary Path Program offered by Nick Wilton and his Art2Life team.

In February 2018, when I discovered this program I very much wanted to enrol but I had already committed that time period to providing a body of work to a local Winery where I have shown for three years. I had also created a gallery space on our property that I had work to finish for hanging there. Furthermore, I wanted to create a second body of work to submit for jurying to enter the 25th Anniversary Lake Country ArtWalk in September 2018. I did complete all three, new work in the Winery, for PJC Gallery and I was accepted, exhibited and sold at the Lake Country ArtWalk.

As I waited for my next chance for CVP,… 2019, I worked. And my work changed.

The program start was postponed until May 2019, a few more eager months of waiting, but finally I got to do what I had been longing for for almost 18 months.

The program was amazing. Art2Life CVP was founded in 2016 with about 200 artists around the world working this online program together. This year there were over 900 students. The thing about an online group is, it doesn’t feel crowed at all. Thank heavens, because I have realized over the last 18 months, being in a few groups, that I am not a group person. I have always known that,… about shopping malls, concerts, and big parties, but it seems that the same goes for online groups. Still, I functioned quite beautifully within CVP having learned to hone my intuition on doing what felt right for me.

CVP was a fantastic experience. I had no idea of what to expect yet I had definitely come in with a few expectations. I expected that CVP would fill in the gaps in my creative and technical skills for my art journey. And it most certainly did. Full stop. I was thrilled to have those lurking questions answered. And the things I hoped to find that weren’t covered there became crystal clear on how important it was those things to be searched out. Within myself.

I am back in the studio on my own terms with my own agenda now, a new agenda taking what I learned in CVP and what I learned I would like to explore in my work moving forward. I’m not ready to flesh it out publicly just yet, but I do think it quite possibly will become evident as my work is completed, shared and made visible. I think it’s one of those things that needs to be nurtured carefully as it builds, grows and gains strength. You know what I mean. Under the protective wing so to speak.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever had an idea that you felt it best to keep in under wraps until you had a good handle on it or it had good traction so as not to get spun off track by curious others. Feel free to leave a comment in the field below. Love to hear from you.

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