Sales and Awards

Jul 10, 2019

Sales and Awards

Oh wow! That was fun! I was awarded Honourable Mention at the Peachland Art Gallery Oasis Exhibition at the show opening the other night. 

What a turnout at the show! Not sure the fire marshal was counting when we went into the gallery after the awards were handed out! I was thrilled to see where my painting was hung (shown in the second image). Not sure that spotlight effect was intended but I liked it : ) .

This was so much fun for me. My step-son and his girlfriend were visiting this weekend and I managed to snag two extra tickets last week for the show not knowing I’d be receiving an award. I found out the night before which was my birthday and already heaped with good times and surprises. .

After having a wonderful dinner out with Mark, Jack and Maddie, my sister and her husband from The Coast (5hrs away) popped by with a surprise visit and a bottle of wine : )! They were hiding at the top of the road (stake-out style) waiting for me to come home. What a blast! With all that fun and joy in the house I got the phone call telling me I won an award. Yay! Super happy birthday girl. .

These kinds of surprises are the best! What a birthday. 

I never expect or hope for awards or even sales from my gallery. I put myself out there because it’s important for to be brave and expose what I do. Who I am. That’s it. When a sale or an award happens, it’s always a surprise. And I have to say, I really love that. 

Ultimately I am paint for me, but I do secretly hope that my work will resonate with someone else.

I am feeling very full, blessed and grateful. 🙏 .

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