Sketchbook Work

Jun 16, 2019

Note To Self:

Always make time for a little bit of sketchbook love.

After spending some much needed time in my studio yesterday working on my course assignments, I dipped into a sketchbook composition and added a few more marks.

I was pleased to see that even though I felt very challenged by my earlier work, the payoff for what I was learning was already spilling over into my understanding of what this little composition I was working on needed.

Having stood on my injured knee for far too long during the day, I refrained from pulling out my paints to make the adjustments and settled on using a few charcoals - dark and light.

I’m surprised how much I get from sketchbook work, particularly after I shed the unconscious rule that what goes in there has to be perfect. Once that goes out the window, the fun begin.

How many other unconscious, unexamined rules are floating around in my head, preventing me from feeling as fully free and alive as I actually am, or could be?

PJC Studio Notes: