Creating a Following

Jun 11, 2019

Why am I doing this…

A couple of weeks ago I reached 10,000 Instagram followers. For someone who really just started using Instagram last year, this was quite a feat. 

The building of my Instagram audience has been a gradual thing. One that I often wondered why I’d been doing it. It takes time. Time to get good photographs, choose which ones to use, identify what I’d like to say about each one.

What I love about Instagram is that my community of artists has grown exponentially. I’ve met so many wonderful people all across the world. I met one woman because while watching a video of her painting, my dog heard her dog bark in the background. I had to say hello because my dog isn’t dog friendly but he seemed to like this fella.

I remember when I went to New York City inSeptember last year and met up with the artist Rob Szot, (through Instagram) for a studio visit and chat, I was just climbing my way to 500 followers. It was great meeting him and we talked about how cool it was to connect with people via social media.

As Christmas approached I had my fingers crossed for 1000. Made that by New Year’s Eve. Sometime in August last year I decided to make at least one post a day to Instagram. I wanted to ensure I had a good photograph that it was interesting, and that I offered something of value in my written post as well. Sometimes I’d post two a day. But I couldn’t exactly tell you why. I made that decision- I think- on intuition.

By March I hit 5000 followers. That was an exciting achievement.  Along the way, I explored what kind of Instagram grid I wanted to create and played with how to create variety and interesting posts. I’ve learned a lot building my Instagram audience. I’ve met so many lovely people, some have reached out to me that find my posts very inspiring. I think that’s what I love the most. Meeting new people and finding out that some really feel uplifted after reading my post. I’ve discovered it’s not just about pictures and it’s not just about words. It’s about people and connecting on various levels with them. 

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