Mar 11, 2019

Checking off the To Do list feels so great. 

February’s accomplishments included installing a painting wall in my studio. March was about enhancing the functionality of the gallery by installing tracking to hang paintings. 

Procrastination is not something I ever thought I was guilty of. I remember years ago when I was at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I was knee deep in assignments and having a tough time keeping up with life stuff, namely opening mail - particularly bills. I always paid my bills on time, but I put them off until the very last minute. 

One day while working on a design project and feeling very stuck, I stopped what I was doing and switched gears. I took the heap of unopened envelopes, pulled out my cheque book and started checking payments off my list. When I finished, I went back to working on my projects. 

Within moments, I noticed how light and relieved I felt. It was like a cloud had lifted and drifted away into the distance. It was shocking to realize that taking care of this “life” stuff had actually created massive space in my mind. Now there was room for new ideas and creativity. 

Fast forward many years, while I wouldn’t say I procrastinate anymore, I do put things off at times. I’ve always been a hard worker. I used to think that procrastination was a lazy person’s problem. But I’m pretty sure putting off and procrastinating are close cousins. The difference in procrastination in the past and putting things off now,… is fear. 

Back then I had fear running the show, fear of  high bills, fear of running out of money, fear of running out of time. Putting things off now, is more about believing the only thing that matters is painting in my studio. 

But, just like in my art school days, when I stopped what I thought was most important and made room for life stuff, everything changed. Everything became easier. 

I took some time this month away from my studio to get that gallery work done. AndI was amazed at how quickly it pulled together. After planning for several months to make these changes, all of a sudden, it was done. And my ability to make substantial progress in my studio became so much easier again.

I think we truly need to attend to all aspects of our lives in order to be more peaceful,… and make great art. I think that when I bring the desire for balance into my life as a whole, the whole thing works so much better. And so do the individual parts.

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