Studio Improvements

Feb 27, 2019

A more professional looking PJC Studio

February was all about making studio improvements. With much planning and reorganizing, I had a studio wall built and installed. This wall enables me hang and see multiple paintings, view my work from a distance and see how my series is progressing together. I love it! I have so much more space now in the studio to work and think! 

It’s amazing how clutter can drag you down without you ever noticing. It has taken me quite a while to get my mind wrapped around this wall creation. It didn’t seem possible. Mainly because I had a table in front of half the wall and I wasn’t sure where I could put it if I used the whole wall. So half a wall then? That would only be 4 feet wide and I’m certain that would have felt like I was corralled in.

I had some friends come by to join us for a snowshoe one Saturday morning so I whisked them into my studio for a moment to ask their opinion of an idea I was trying to work out. While some of the suggestions didn’t quite fit, there was lots of food for thought offered and within no time I knew what I had to do. De-clutter! Furthermore, I needed to think outside the box and make this table into a trolly. And more yet, I needed to make a back on this trolly that could open and close because I had started using the space between the table and the wall as a place for storing vertical things like drawing boards, canvases, etc.

It took me 10 days to clear my studio. I didn’t know it would take that long and I’m glad I didn’t. I just began. Followed my nose to what needed to be done. I won’t go through all the boring details but suffice to say that even the little metal filing cabinet beside my work desk was organized too. Lots of culling. Lots of organizing.

My husband and I did a lot of measuring, drawing and thinking. I’m sure he’d have preferred to be doing something else (bless him). But we did it together. The actual wood collection, cutting and installation took a few hours over the course of three days. 

These improvements have made such a difference to me and my art practice. So much so that I’ve let the spirit of culling spread to the rest of the house and I moved some other “extras” onward and out of the house to others who’d appreciate them.

I’ve several new, in process paintings on the wall and will be posting them on my website when they’re completed. I’ve also an idea to expand the paint wall just a bit so I can hang small almost finished works out of the way but in the studio where I can still see them.

I can’t believe how differently I feel having made this big change to my studio both in the way I work and in the way I see myself as an artist. 

These improvements we make can be so rewarding and, rather life changing. If you have had a similar shift because of making changes, I’d love to hear about it. Just write in the comments below. And thank you.

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