On Call for Art Gallery Tours

Jul 3, 2018

Gallery visits and being on call…

This Canada Day Weekend brought 8 visitors to the gallery. The Gallery is a place where hordes of people are not what to expect but rather the occasional curious wanderer or usually an art enthusiast of course, and quite often with no agenda but to view. This is what I know of galleries I visit in Vancouver and other cities, unless there’s an opening night. 

When we opened PJC Art Gallery we didn’t know what to expect, but we had prepared for everything. We did have a visitor the first weekend,… it was on a Monday, long weekend too. It was a bit of a surprise as the weekend was winding down and my husband and I had just settled down for a glass of wine on the pool deck.

But when my phone rang that someone was at the gallery door, I happily sprang into action and gave a lovely woman and her husband the tour. I showed her everything in the Gallery and house, including the Guest Suite as we had a free night. She was very interested in my work and had seen it in the Studio Tour Brochure. Another surprise. She’s also gone to Marichel Winery where my work is also exhibited. I must admit, this type of interest in my work was a delight. All said and done and one month later, this woman and her husband were the proud owners of 2 of my paintings which I’d driven down to Vancouver to offer them an situ viewing before purchasing. I tied the trip in with a visit to my 89 year old Dad (still active and feisty as ever). What a wonderful and rewarding experience to bring work to a potential buyer. 

Balancing the sharing of information and giving an art viewer space…

The tours this weekend were just as spontaneous as the first active long weekend and I’m not sure if it’s the going concern but I can roll with it. What I gleaned from the weekend of visits is that the showings will probably be a type of “on call” situation, but being the artist I’ve a plethora of tidbits to share. What I discovered about showing the work is that since it’s mine, I hold all the secrets to each painting and have lots to choose from to share. There’s plenty to talk about if I see interest in their eyes. The real challenge is to read people. I know personally don’t like constant talking when I’m looking at art, or anything I’m considering purchasing so I’m working on balancing that blend. Still, we are all learning all the time anyway, even if we think “we’ve got this” in the moment. So this will be one of those things I will modify as I go along. I’m enjoying it though. And I look forward to more visits. As long as I can sneak painting time into the day too.

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