Making A Hard Right in My Painting

Jul 10, 2018

Taking Risks During The Painting Process

Making a "Hard Right" in my painting is a term I’ve coined for 

when I hit a wall with a painting and need to do something 

drastic. I find this surprisingly freeing and taking this risk with 

my painting opens up a whole new world of possibilities! This 

painting was getting stuck in very linear way with geometric 

shapes and while I liked some of them, I felt caught in 

keeping them. So I placed the painting on the floor, chose 

a couple of colours that I liked that were both in and not in 

the painting, and let drops of paint fall onto the canvas 

allowing them to land however and wherever 

they may. I then gave the canvas a gentle spritz and took 

a soft drawing tool and began to drag it through the wet 

colours. The painting is drying now so we shall see what my 

approach is tomorrow! Stay tuned!

PJC Studio Notes: