Opening My Own Gallery

May 5, 2018

Having My Own Gallery Showing My Work

The time had come to create a space in the house to show my work. I’m fortunate to have a space to do that - a walk-in basement section off the garden. Bright, east facing, small but perfect.

On my art journey I’ve not really worried too much about selling paintings. My goal was just to paint what I love, explore and enjoy the process,… become more proficient, more expressive, more me. But once we fixed this space up, changed the lighting and wall colour, hung the paintings and price cards, I felt a bit differently. I’m not exactly sure why. But I know that I discovered I had more paintings than I thought I did and I began to think more about the future of these pieces. And where they might go.

I do like having a space in the house that is gallery and living space. A place where we can show my work but we can also sit comfortably in this room and enjoy a movie. There’s space for “living".

That’s really what I’m discovering about art. Making room for art in my life and life in my art. I’ve dedicated time to paint daily. Sometimes I forget about the rest of life. But they need to co-exist. And I am getting better at having that happen. The on-site Gallery is an affirmation or a manifestation of that. It keeps the whole process real. It’s a good reminder for balance.

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