Hanging The Work

May 2, 2018

Organizing the Hanging of a Painting Show 

So I had 15 signed paintings completed, sides painted, backs wired and stamped with my website, price labels printed, all are ready to hang. Hanging that many paintings in a space, as ready as you are, still takes a good deal of planning. My husband and I brought the new series into the Winery and placed then flat on the tasting bench. Large paintings leaned against the wall. Any unsold paintings from the previous season were carefully removed and placed outside so we could really see the space anew and without any extra visuals interfering. 

Planning the hang was like playing a game of picture checkers. Moving them around the tasting room, grouping what would look good together and imagining them up on the wall. This time around I’d done a number of smaller paintings that we decided to place below a larger one. Small paintings ask to have the ability to be viewed up close as they have smaller details to discover. Having them below the larger painting made that proximity possible.

The hang went well. One by one we grouped them, making last minute changes as we finished placing them where we thought best before starting to secure them to the walls. Even though the winery was not open for tasting yet, several people popped by to see the winemaker and of course got a sneak peek at the new series. One industry visitor offered me some brochure space at her wine bar in town after she enthusiastically looked at my paintings. These poetic incidents can’t be planned and are a good reminder to stay awake to all that is happening around when “on the job”.

We were thrilled that the paintings hung brilliantly in the winery as the walls are a fairly bold colour. But this is my third year hanging and fortunately for me, every colour scheme that I was inclined to use in each subsequent series worked beautifully with the colours in the winery. Serendipity at work on so many levels.

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