Think - Do - Trust

Apr 20, 2018

Journalling and Writing

I used to write a journal. Whatever came to my mind went down. I really liked that un-editted purge of thoughts. No one to judge. No one to interrupt. I developed pretty messy hand writing as I wrote as fast as I could to get my thoughts out of my head and down on the page. Writing them helped because they stopped notions from whirlling around in my mind and actually gave me a launching pad for my ideas.

My art practices is much like that. Or at least it's getting that way. Less and less do I stand there in front of the canvas trying to figure out what to do next. Rather I jot down ideas while in the studio or often when I'm away from the studio, or I get busy and try out that idea right on the board. Get it out there. To see what launching point I've now created.

Doing is Better Than Thinking

More and more I realize that it's just important to "do", take the thought, feeling or inclination and just do it. There's a reason why that infamous statement and tagline for Nike is so powerful. Get out and do it. Stop thinking about it. Thinking is good but if it just stays in the mind, that's where it stays.

This spring I've worked toward solidifying that "take action" method, into my art proactice. It's really working. More and more I trust what I'm doing. I look at my body of work and say to myself, "ya see! you can paint, you can create beauty. Trust!" Keep trusting. Keep moving and taking steps toward expressing what ever needs to be expressed. 

Trust is such an important attribute. How do you ensure that you have been trusting yourself. Any tips or hints that you rely on to find your way? Love to hear. Please leave your comments below.

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