April - The Field Trip!

Apr 26, 2018

Who Doesn’t Love A Field Trip - Especially Involving Art!

Today I did a field trip with art bag in tow to collect inspiration from this beautiful place I live. 2 locations, so many amazing views. 

I’d been for a drive in that area just days before and noticed this amazingly massive rock, really a mountain, bare of foliage and trees, just jutting from the earth. I’ve passed this mammoth structure before a few times and maybe it was just the way the light was hitting it, but I was mesmerized by its size and beauty. I had to come back to this place! 

Further along this delicious Sunday drive through the south Okanagan I was treated to more spectacular vistas that spanned across my windshield. It was there at this second location, that I knew I had to come back. And soon. That panoramic beauty inspired me to imagine coming back to this place with a bag full of drawing tools to sit amidst these views and soak it up. As an abstract painter I wasn’t sure what I would get out of this excursion but I knew that just being in nature and having a heap of paints and charcoal at hand,… was going to be good for me no matter what.

Working in The Studio Versus Being Outside

I’d just spent the last several months in my studio, dedicated to finishing a series for the winery I hang my art in and I just felt that nature and I needed some re-acquaintance time. I wouldn’t be going there to create a masterpiece. I never know when that is going to happen. I work on my art and bring it to completion somewhere between beginning and end. But I don’t know when that will happen. All I need to do is begin, show up, be open. The rest takes care of itself.

This trip was a blast. It was quiet. Sometimes inconvenient as I looked for a place to park where I could sit in the shade of the car or in a nearby (hopefully not too deep) ditch along the road. But I made do. And as I sat and looked and searched for what interested me, my fingers reached for a tool that felt appropriate and I started to play. 

This was the gift of that trip. Be open to whatever circumstances were there and begin. Observe. Respond. I think that of everything I took away from that experience I could definitely add that to my art practice.  A refreshed awareness of how important that is in art. After all, art is about creating. For me, not copying, or rendering a similarity, but expressing intuitively and responding to something I am seeing, feeling, doing. 

What do you do to break out of the normal routine to get your juices flowing again. I’d love to hear your ideas. Please share in the comment area below.

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