Charcoal And Paper Materials

Feb 28, 2018

What Supplies Are In The Tool Box

Re-Exploring the drawing tool. This is a great place to start for me. But use it in a different way than I am accustomed to. I’ve gotten in the habit of starting a painting with charcoal and various marking tools. I have a whole library of them to choose from and I must admit this is sheer heaven to get them out and play. I love charcoal and while I cannot say that placing a piece in my hand brings immediately and beautifully carved drawings out to paper, I admit that I love still figuring out what it can do for me.

In a way I love that I haven’t been hand held at art or design school. Those experiences were so valuable but so tremndously busy and laden with projects that I could barely grasp the concept before proceeding to the next assignment. I’ve never wanted to be “taught” anything. I want to find out for myself! Reading the instruction manual is something I do after I have tried on my own. I once bought a guitar and had it for a year, plucking away at the strings, listening to the sounds it made, before I had ever taken a class. The curiosity and exploration are crucial for my journey. I must try first on my own. This perspective gives me the vantage point of knowing the awkwardness and the foreignness of something new. And when I do discover how something works or what occurs when I try something, it truly feels like my own discovery. And that is something that I love owning.

 Is there anything you’ve found or re-discovered that’s put a new stride in your step? Please share in the comments area below.

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