Looking For Answers

Feb 22, 2018

Wanting More From Oneself is A Good Thing

 I've gotten to a point where I want more from myself. After finishing a couple of paintings that were similar to last year’s series, I feel like I need more. Like many artists when at a crossroads, I've started hunting for ideas, searching the internet, watching videos, reading, studying, and then trying things out back in the studio to see if the penny would drop. I’m a striver so hunting and trying out new things is second nature to me. I've begun to explore my materials further,… pushing the boundaires to see what they can do. Experimenting with mark making and playful, gestural starts to my painting. I like that! A lot!

What I’ve discovered is the joy of freedom,… of starting a painting with sheer play on my mind. This is definitley something that needs to be in my art. Coming from a very work oreinted background, this attitude is imperative now to my art practice and my life. That feeling I have been getting from embracing freedom as I start a painting, knowing that I’m heading somewhere I’ve never gone before,… that’s exciting. That’s got to stay in my work. .

Play. Explore. Reach.

So Play. Newness. Exploration. Leaving space for something magical to happen. As nebulous as that sounds, as hard as that is to actually describe,… I know that feeling and that, is one of the answers I am looking for. And have found. 

How do you find your way when you’re looking for it? Looking for something,… Please leave your comments below.

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