What Next?

Jan 21, 2018

What Makes One Thrive

I finished a piece that I am thrilled with. It’s been resting now for a few days. And I love it. But now a few more days have gone by and I am wondering. What else? What’s next? This painting fits beautifully into the series I did last year. But is this what I will be doing again this year?

I like a challenge. I think art should always push me. It’s pushed me since I was 14. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. But I’m also very practical. So during my young adult life I went for careers that I knew would be more lucrative than being an artist.

A New Series Of Art Work That Was About Stretching

This new 2018 painting was lovely. But it wasn’t going to sustain me. I was hungry for more. And when I’m hungry, I search. I started pushing my materials more. Asking more of them. I searched for new ideas, avenues, paths to follow, try on for size. Each search amounted to an exploration of ideas, materials, techniques, feelings. 

I finally stumbled upon something that fueled my fire,… got me really excited about what I would be doing in my studio next. After all. That’s what art needs to be for me. Not the long laborious struggle of fighting with my canvas. Somehow now I was listening again. Listening to my soul, listening to what the canvas was mirroring back to me. Now THIS was something I could sink my teeth into. We’ll see. But I am pretty thrilled with this new direction. I don’t know where it will go, but that too is the joureny of the artist. That is where the zest is! 

What have you found in your life that trips you up and then finally you see what you need to do next. Please leave your comments below. It would be great to hear.

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